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For Industry Partners

Strengthening ties with industry is a priority for UC Merced.  Through facilitating collaboration on research projects and fostering connections between industry partners and researchers, our office is here to help you navigate and engage with our faculty and students. Let us help you explore UC Merced resources and find the right collaborators.


Research Collaboration

Non-Disclosure Agreements

If your company would like to share information that it considers proprietary and confidential when discussing a potential research collaboration with a UC Merced researcher, the Office of Technology, Innovation, and Industry Relations can help to establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to allow for effective and robust discussions. The University may also have reason on its side to request that a company enter into an NDA prior to sharing information that it considers confidential. Please contact us at with NDA.

Licensing Technology

License Technology

The Office of Technology, Innovation, and Industry Relations can help industry members identify available technology suited to their interests and accommodate a range of licensing options. Please contact us at with your information and the type of technology you are interested in, and we will contact you to discuss licensing opportunities.